Massage Therapy – Welcome !

For Massage Therapy, I invite you in the heart of Chexbres for massages such as relaxation massage, remedial massage, hot stone, lymphatic drainage, pregnancy massage and Hawaiian bodywork. Also available are beauty treatments.

I have completed a two year full time study with a diploma in remedial massage. With over ten years experience, I am recognised by the ASCA foundation.

In addition, I am a Swiss trained and qualified beauty therapist.

Whether it is to relax, to ease pain, to treat headaches, to take a break or to strengthen your immune system, professional massage is here supporting your well-being !

Véronique Flanagan-Michaud

massage therapy


“Her touch is full of integrity and her energy is as strong as nurturing”


“Hands that heal through an incredibly deep and wonderfully relaxing massage experience.”


“Véronique est à l’écoute de notre corps, pour nous faire bénéficier de son expérience thérapeutique. Un toucher à la fois délicat et profond qui nous procure soulagement et détente. Vraiment efficace pour mon mal de dos. Merci Véronique.”


“Non seulement ses massages sont délicieusement bienfaisants, mais Véronique entre véritablement en dialogue avec vos muscles, vos tendons, votre colonne vertébrale, décelant et apaisant les tensions, les noeuds, repérant les inflammations. L’accueil chaleureux, le souci du détail, la sérénité du lieu contribuent aussi à faire de ces massages des moments magiques, réparateurs, ressourçants.”


“J’apprécie beaucoup l’écoute bienveillante de Véronique, durant le temps qu’elle prend avant et après les soins, pour connaître mes ressentis et besoins. Ses massages sont comme des voyages au coeur de la détente et du bien-être. Une destination fort agréable !”


“Aucune masseuse ne vaut Véronique. Un pure moment de détente. A tester sans hésitation.”


Service Menu

All services are strictly professional

Ideal for letting go, reducing stress and reconnecting to oneself, this fluid massage offers a variety of sensory experiences. It will offer you peace, help calm your nervous system and support your vascular system. It will help slow an overactive brain and ease the breath.

Designed to release muscular tension, this massage offers relaxation, as well as pain relief and muscle rebalance. Dynamic techniques may be used where required, as well as interactive stretching. A therapeutic gel may be applied instead of oil where necessary.


Intended for those with swelling in their limbs, sluggish immune system or suffering fatigue, this type of massage promotes the evacuation of toxins from the body, is anti-inflammatory and may help with depression.

Much appreciated in the colder months, this massage involves warm volcanic stones applied to the body to induce a deep sense of relaxation. For those that appreciate icing on their cake !

This massage is not suitable for people with vascular weaknesses.

Relaxing and therapeutic massage to answer the specific needs of pregnancy. It will not only help relieve back pain, heavy legs and fatigue, but also a time of privileged connectedness with bub… what a treat !

Recommended from the second trimester only.

Also known as the Queen of massages, the Lomi Lomi is much more than a massage. It is a ritual, an inner journey deeply embedded in the Hawaiian tradition.
Perfect for those keen to discover this Hawaiian tradition ! Simplified version of the Lomi Lomi.

Customized to suit your skin’s needs, this facial will revitalise your skin, relax your mind and ease tensions. It includes a deep cleanse, a scrub, a masque selected just for you, a massage and an eye treatment before the application of a day cream.


For those who want a bit of both, this treatment will ease back and shoulder tensions, as well as refresh your skin with a facial including a cleanse, a scrub and a suitable day cream.


Massage Chexbres

Touch is a basic human need, not only to reconnect but also to take time out, not only to ease pain but also to rejoice in one’s own company, not only to share but also to better hear oneself