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Chexbres Massage Contact Information

Chexbres Massage is located in the heart of Chexbres, the practice is easy to access. Car parks are available in front of the public pool in Chexbres, a stone’s throw away from the church. You will find the practice Place de l’Eglise 5, on the ground floor.

Véronique Flanagan-Michaud

Place de l’Eglise 5

1071 Chexbres

079 869 88 04

Opening hours :

Monday-Friday 10h00 – 20h00

Saturday 10h00 à 14h00

Sunday closed

For appointments outside business hours, please call Véronique on:

079 869 88 04.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Massage Chexbres using the email form below !

Please visit and ‘like’ our FACEBOOK page for the latest updates and special offers. To make a booking online, please use our BOOKING PAGE.


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